Your very own Marketing Checklists to grow your buisness

18 Checklists with step-by-step instructions

  • 18 step-by-step checklists in different formats
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Dean Pizani

What a great asset these have been in helping me do my marketing campaigns, ensuring that I didn’t miss any steps under tight time constraints. I highly recommend David Botha's checklists. The great thing about these checklists is that they save you so much time and keep you focused on the tasks.  I particularly like the check boxes to make sure you are completing all the activity to see results in your marketing.  Highly recommended..

Dean Pizani
PTF Logistics
Hilton Ewart

I have tried most of the methods in these checklists and I am so thankful to have them in my business.  I have seen my Marketing grow from strength to strength - thanks very much.  I recommend every business owner and marketer has this in their briefcase

Hilton Ewart
ATS Motorsport supplies

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Get INSTANT Acess to OM Checklists Series 1

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Get INSTANT Acess to OM Checklists Series 1
  • q-iconWhat is OM Checklist Series 1?

    You will get access to 18 checklists revolving around the general topic of online or internet marketing, providing you with step by step instructions on how to do marketing on the internet for your brand, service or affiliate offers

  • q-iconWhy do I need these checklists?

    This is better than watching a video and learning how to do things.  This will take you through every step of the online marketing process that you can use for your brand or product, with check boxes

  • q-iconWhat will this do for me??

    It will save you a few years of research and money.  You can take the same formula now to skyrocket your business using professional marketers tactics

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    This will only cost you $17 at my one time limited offer.  You could easily pay up to $79 dollars after initial launch.  The cost is very minimal if you look at 10 years of marketers experience that went into this

Yes - I Want this Marketing Checklist series
For Just A One-Time Fee

Launch special

$17 One time!

Get INSTANT Acess to OM Checklists Series 1

Price jumps as sson as launch special ends